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2 Maxwell House Haggadahs

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Price per unit: $3.00 S&H per Haggadah
Units in product: 2 Haggadahs

Hebrew-English traditional Passover Haggadah

Please Note: Orders are processed in sets of 2. One order will ship 2 Haggadahs for $6.

Contains the complete Haggadah text in Hebrew & English including instructions in the margins, as well as a history of Maxwell House Coffee on Passover.

Pages: 57 pages

Publisher: Maxwell House (2019)

FREE + $3.00 Shipping & Handling fee (per book)

This is a free promotional item. The only cost is shipping and handling at $3/haggadah. Orders will not be processed or shipped over Passover, as a result delivery times may be delayed. You will receive an email update when the order is shipped.

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